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Toolbox presented at the AMARC Europe Conference in Halle


Halle, October 25th. The UMAC toolbox was presented during the AMARC Europe Conference, that took place in Halle, Germany, on 25th October 2016.

Sally Galiana and Chris Wohlwill presented the toolbox as part of a plenary session on the afternoon of the 26th October 2016 (2 pm) which look into resources available to community radios, and which was attended by participants from Germany, Austria, Italy, Basque Country, Ireland, UK, Czech Republic, Cameroon, Argentina and the Community Media chair of Unesco, Vinod Pavarala. Toolbox promotional materials were distributed among all participants.

The UMAc project has now been linked to the AMARC Europe website front page.

The Toolbox is tested in Tubingen

IMG_1817June 3-5, 2016. Every June, Tubingen hosts the RAct Festival, where music mixes with activism and training. Wueste Welle have been participating in the Festival by broadcasting live from the Festival site for the three days of the festival a mixed of interviews and live music from the three existing stages.

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UMAC Toolbox launched to Community Radio Trainers in Ireland

File_000On 28 May, in Dublin,  as part of the Craol Feile (Community Radio Forum of Ireland training meeting), Near FM presented the UMAC toolbox and its experience as a participant in an European project to community radio staff and volunteers from other community radios in Ireland, as well as community radio activists from France, Italy, Spain, Austria and Slovenia.

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The UMAC Toolbox is now public!

radiokulturaBaiona/Bayonne, 29 April 2016.

The UMAC toolbox is now available to the public and most importantly to media trainers!  Activities have been uploaded in all the five languages of the partnership and the Basque translation will be up this summer.

During the meeting we discussed future dissemination plans for the Toolbox, as we want this resource to be used. And talking about dissemination, our meeting host, Radio Kultura, organised a press conference that was quite well attended by all media in Basque Country. Reports were published and broadcast by Mediabask,, Info7, Herria, Euskal Irratiak, GaraBerria and Basque Country Public TV EITB.

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The Toolbox comes to life in Budapest


The UMAC Toolbox was officially presented to the partners by Chris (Wueste Welle) during the meeting in Budapest. Although the design of the page have been unveiled during a previous on-line meeting, the gathering in the Hungarian capital allowed us to learn first hand how to upload text and accompanying documents.

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Working Groups in Turku

IMG_3511The Understanding Media project (UMAC) funded by the European union Erasmus+ program  held its third meeting in Turku, Finland 15th and 16th  of October 2015. The mandate of the project is to facilitate community media throughout Europe to promote media literacy. Project partner at the meeting were NearFM (Dublin, Ireland), Freies Radio Wüste Welle (Tübingen, Germany), Radio Robin Hood (Turku, Finland) ,  Radio Kultura (Hasparren, Basque country), Radio Tilos (Budapest, Hungary) and  RadioExpert (Brno, Czech Republic). The objective of the meeting was to build the framework of online training toolbox.

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UMAC travels to Brno… through Vienna


The Understanding Media for Active Citizen Project funded by the European Union Erasmus+ programme held its 2nd meeting in Brno, Czech Republic May 19-22, 2015. The mandate of the project is to facilitate community radios throughout Europe to promote media literacy.

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UMAC take-off!

IMG_20150422_162034The first meeting of the Erasmus + Understanding Media for Active Citizenship project was hosted by the project coordinator organisation, Near FM, in Dublin, Ireland on 21-22 April 2015.

It was attended by representatives of all the partner organisations which include Wüste Welle from Tubingen in Germany, Radio Expert from Brno in Czech Republic, Radio Kultura from Hasparren in Basque Country and Tilos Radio from Budapest in Hungary.

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“A successful project”: Final meeting of ‘understanding media’ took place in Finland

The final meeting of ‘understanding media’ saw Turku as a meeting place. From the 17th through the 18th of May 2014 partners met at ‘Radio Robin Hood’ to learn about their “Organic Radio Courses” and to reflect on the work done as well as look to the future and how to continue…

First of all: There have been community media in Finland for a quarter of a decade now and none of them are recognised as media in their own right, not to mention any state funding whatsoever. So community radios in Finland broadcast under private licenses, but don’t broadcast commercials – so there are a number of financial problems there already.

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In Between a national conference: Partner meeting in A Coruña, Spain

In the framework of the radio conference of the Spanish National Federation, partners from understanding media met in A Coruña in the north of Spain to talk about media education and media literacy courses in Spain, particularly Madrid.  The meeting in A Coruña was set for the 11th and 12th of April 2014 to suit the dates of the national conference of community radios in Spain. The partners discussed the meetings and mobilities so far. Attendees were invited to the Craol Media Literacy Conference to be held in Dublin, the next meeting will be in May in Finland. The partners learned about the workshops they do in Madrid. Due to the economic crisis the lack of funding and support they have used in training as an alternative way to make up funding for the stations. Due to the financial situation it is better to do this work as a collective. In the last few years the community in Madrid have tried to find alternative to this lack of funding, they look to local elements in response to the crisis. Read more