The UMAC Toolbox is now public!

radiokulturaBaiona/Bayonne, 29 April 2016.

The UMAC toolbox is now available to the public and most importantly to media trainers!  Activities have been uploaded in all the five languages of the partnership and the Basque translation will be up this summer.

During the meeting we discussed future dissemination plans for the Toolbox, as we want this resource to be used. And talking about dissemination, our meeting host, Radio Kultura, organised a press conference that was quite well attended by all media in Basque Country. Reports were published and broadcast by Mediabask,, Info7, Herria, Euskal Irratiak, GaraBerria and Basque Country Public TV EITB.

Later on, Ahmad Ayad Thamir, one of our participants, published an article on the project in Finland’s Swedish Language ÅBO UNERRÄTTELSER

Next dissemination activities will take place during the CRAOL Feile (28th May 016) and the last project meeting,in Tubingen (3-4 June 2016).