UMAC travels to Brno… through Vienna


The Understanding Media for Active Citizen Project funded by the European Union Erasmus+ programme held its 2nd meeting in Brno, Czech Republic May 19-22, 2015. The mandate of the project is to facilitate community radios throughout Europe to promote media literacy.

Project partners in attendance included representatives from:

Radio NEAR FM in Dublin, Ireland

Freies Radio Wüste Welle in Tübingen, Germany

Radio Robin Hood in Turky, Finland

Radio Kultura from Hasparren, Basque Country

Radio Tilos in Budapest, Hungary

RadioExpert in Brno, Czech Republic

Due to the travel necessity of project partners to travel via Vienna, the program was adapted to include a visit to TV OKTO; a very successful community media organization. The project partners attended a presentation of how TV OKTO manages and trains it’s participants, which number on average more than 120 unique program production groups. It was also interesting to learn about their approach to media literacy content for TV, and their programme examining how different media works and the roles of the people working in media.

In the Brno meeting, partners reaffirmed their main objective in addressing the mandate is to create on online toolbox resource for media literacy trainers. So the work on the many facets of the project continued in a day-long  meeting at Masaryk University Faculty of Social Studies.

The program began with an initial administrative session that included details about fulfillment of the project mandate, budgeting, and procedures for managing the project duties and expenditures. That was followed by a presentation session in which each project partner shared their best-practices for media literacy training; including training techniques, syllabi, and programs designed for specific target groups. The meeting then proceeded to begin the development of the online training tool, assigning several teams with tasks for technical, design and content aspects.

The partners concluded the meeting by agreeing on the current status of the project, the next steps to be taken, and harmonized the project schedule for future meetings and accomplishing the project objectives.