In UMAC different institutions and their expert come together to gather information on media literacy training courses all over Europe. Those co-operating institutions are (in alphabetical order):


Tübingen, Germany

The “Förderverein für ein Freies Radio für Tübingen/Reutlingen e.V.” is a registered association and the licenced operator of the community radio station “Freies Radio Wüste Welle” in Tübingen, Germany. On the air since 1995, we are broadcasting 23 hours a day on an FM-frequency, the local cable network and through live streaming on the internet.

The station’s Mission Statement reflects the association’s objectives:

  • To foster social justice, media literacy, advancement of minorities and promote civil society ownership of media
  • To be a politically independent, non-profit community resource
  • To provide widely available, low-threshold media education to all members of society, regardless of their age, gender, race or cultural and social background and to battle all forms of racism and sexism
  • To provide a “third pillar” for the German und European media landscapes in co-operation with other community broadcasters
  • To defend the environment and human rights, particularly the right to communicate

The association is part of several media and educational networks, including

  • EMIL (European Map of Intergenerational Learning
  • AMARC Europe (European branch of the “Association Mondiale des Radiodiffuseurs Communitaires”)
  • BFR (German Federal Association of Community Radios) and
  • AFF (Baden-Württemberg State Association of Community Media).

We are in constant exchange with local and regional adult and family education centers, academies for political education and voluntary service providers.

Dublin, Ireland text to follow





Brno, Czech Republic

RadioExpert is an international non-profit organization committed to increasing the effectiveness of community media. We work closely with organizations to provide project development, consulting, training, advocacy, networking, research, and more. RadioExpert delivers expert support for community media.

Today, incorporates all those activities and more into an effective and accessible group of tools and services serving community media worldwide.

In this project we represent our Roma Youth Radio newtwork, which is in our minds a very important way how to support integration of Roma community around Europe, mainly in Central Eastern Europe.

Marginalization of the Romani minorities of Central/Eastern Europe remains among the most difficult problems facing Europe today. The search for solutions must include empowerment of Roma people through education and access to media structures.

Budapest, Hungary

Tilos Kulturális Alapítvány is a registered cultural not-for-profit foundation in Budapest, Hungary. It is also the operator of the community radio station “Tilos Radio” and was established on August 21, 1991. Objectives and basic principles have remained the same in the last 20 years: we have always wanted to operate a round-the-clock, non-profit, independent community radio station, which broadcasts in Budapest and is very different from other stations.

Our Mission Statement is:

  • To represent all independent and diversified musical audiences.
  • To provide an interactive, socially aware community broadcast in touch with listeners.
  • To be not for profit, publically available to all members of society, especially minorities.
  • To work in a transparent and accessable way.
  • To be a free cultural and artistic approach to media in a restrictive media sorrounding.
  • To serve as a forum of the older, younger and future generations. To foster independent thinking, creativity, communication, self-expression and involvement in public life on a national and international level.

Most importantly: Tilos Radio belongs to its audience. For that to be realised, there is a lot of dissemination, PR and crowd funding of different kinds necessary: Tilos is the only Hungarian media outlet that is partly supported by donations from its audience: Hungarian taxpayers may choose to donate 1% of their income tax to non-profit organizations, and thanks to this, Tilos Cultural Foundation, operator of the radio station has been receiving amounts between HUF 1.5 million and 9.2 million. In those donations, Tilos ranks high up nationally and first in media. Listeners donate between 2 million to 5 million HUF at the “Tilos Marathon”, a popular yearly fundraising and PR event.

Erramundea, Bonloc

Radio Kultura is a basque language and topic radio station with a wide variety of educational actions, including a repeating course of the basque language. The station was founded in the ninety’s. The association has a lot of experience in media training and working with volunteer journalists. We’ve been involved in European project work for several years.

Turku, Finland

Radio Robin Hood is the community radio station of Turku in Finland. Turku is a city on the southwest coast of Finland at the mouth of the Aura River, in the region of Finland Proper. The station was founded in the ninety’s. The association has a lot of experience in media training and working with volunteer journalists. We’ve been involved in European project work for several years.