Meeting in Montpellier started

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Conseil Regional Languedoc Roussillon

The third meeting of “understanding media” is underway at the Conseil Regional Languedoc Roussillon in Montpellier, France. There are different events and discussions planned, one of them being

“Certified Community Radio and Media Literacy courses in Ireland”Community radio training is recognized and certified in Ireland. This workshop will look at the module descriptor in Ireland and allow participants to discuss the possibilities of achieving certification for their training in their own countries. There will be also a practical workshop with media literacy activities that participants could then adapt to their own needs. The workshop will be held bilingually in English and Spanish. It will be moderated by Sally Galiana and Jack Byrne from CRAOL, Ireland.

Participants are looking forward to that session as well as others in the coming days and are hoping for better weather in the meditteranean in the middle of may.