Media Diversity for Democracy | Brno’13: Meeting Roma Youth Radio project

Another “understanding media” partner meeting took place in Brno, Czech republic where training activities of take place. Even though theory and practice sometimes don´t match there are no questions about meaning of training Roma kids and teenagers how to be DJs and radio moderators.

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Except for introducing more closely how operates, that it does not have its own radio station as the other partners, participants have learnt more about the elaborated training plan for Roma Youth Radio (RYR) project. As Henry Loeser said, you can do this training in 6 sessions or in 6 hours. Partners were invited to share this training plane and comment on it.


The training plan covers at the same time areas of media theory, radio managment and programming and techniques. This plan presupposes that it is important to deepen knowledge about all levels of media production in every session.

Roma Youth Radio project in Brno is now associated with NGO IQ Roma Servis which is a very successful provider of social work in excluded areas in Brno. The respect of this NGO in community is an important backup for the project. The mixpult and 2 microphones which are our basic small studio are in IQ Roma Servis headquarters.

Now every week there is a training session with volunteers of for kids, which visit the daily club in IQ Roma. It starts at 2.15 pm and ends 3.15 pm and is oriented as a free time activity for kids in IQ Roma. Volunteers are moderators of student Radio R at Masaryk University or students of journalism at the same university. Every week they meet 4-5 kids.

You can learn more about this activity from Prezi presentation delivered by Ivana.