Understanding Media for Active Citizenship: What is All About

Understanding Media for Active Citizenship wants to examine the concept of Media Literacy in Europe, how it has been defined at European institutional level and academia and the experience of community radio, and explore how it has been -or could be- embedded in the content of the training curriculum being delivered by community media as to promote better understanding of how to ‘read’ the media among citizens, but also how to ‘write’ more informative and balance content in the shape of media literacy broadcasting products- as to promote equality, pluralism and diversity, and to increase active citizenship actions through media.

The partners of the project are

Radio Kultura (Hasparren, Basque Country)

Freies Radio Wüste Welle (Tübingen, Germany)

Radio Expert (Brno, Czech Republic)

Tilos Radio (Budapest, Hungary)

Near FM (Dublin, Ireland)

The partners believe that media literacy is as important as literacy in today’s information society. During the initial Understanding Media project, we found that there were different approaches to media literacy among us, which in our view creates a need for further investigation and an opportunity to enhance media literacy education in the participating stations with a few simple tools and didactical exemplifications. We would also like to initiate an exploration on how to produce media literacy media content.